5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

A future startup founder… Photo: Getty/David Silverman

Hello, this is what you need to know in tech today.

1. Border Force has deported a startup co-founder. Disrupt’s British co-founder Chris Bailey was deported back to the UK yesterday after he was found to have allegedly lied about picking fruit to qualifying for a working holiday visa. Bailey’s co-founder Gary Elphick took to LinkedIn last night to write about the ordeal, particularly about his feelings around current immigration laws and the government’s push for an ideas boom.

2. Optus and Uber are trialling free WiFi for passengers. The rollout is happening in Sydney and Melbourne with 100 vehicles equiped with hotspots and phone chargers. If it’s successful, it’ll expand to all cars across the country.

3. A soon to be ASX-listed tech company wants to disrupt the world’s telcos with nano-satellites. Sky & Space Global, an Israeli tech company set to list on the ASX via a reverse take over with Burleson Energy, has begun the construction of its first three nano-satellites, claiming they will be 80% cheaper than traditional telco satellites.

The company expects to have launch contracts signed in the next couple of weeks for its first launch in mid-2017 and the company has raised $4.5 million for its RTO.

4. Internet Australia’s boss Laurie Patton thinks the current NBN sucks. The head of Australia’s peak internet body has taken to The Age to pen a column on why he thinks the NN is already out of date, but how we can still save it. Take a read.

5. This is how Atlassian plans to grow without a sales force. We spoke to the Australian tech darling’s head of growth Cameron Deatsch and the company’s changing sales pitch.

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