5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Entrepreneurs’ Organization’s new clubhouse in Work Club Global Sydney. (Source: supplied)

Here’s the top tech news to get you through Hump Day:

1. A Sydney drone tech startup has exited the Cicada incubator after raising $4.2 million in a series A round. Propeller Aerobotics doubled its head count in the past year and just can’t fit in the shared space any more – so it’s moved out to its own digs and is pumped to take on the US market. Meanwhile, in Canberra, senators have called for a freeze on the sale of drones while a review that was promised months ago has yet to take off.

2. An exclusive club for entrepreneurs that founded or own businesses that meet certain revenue and profit criteria has opened its first Australian clubhouse. Entrepreneurs’ Organization has set up a new bar and lounge in Work Club Global’s facilities in downtown Sydney for the enjoyment of its members, who must abide by a strict “no employees” rule at gatherings. Read more and see the pictures of the new clubhouse.

3. Australia Post has confirmed it’s in talks with Amazon. The ecommerce giant’s arrival in Australia will obviously see a lot of parcels flung around the country, and the government organisation’s COO has confirmed it wants in on the action. Read more here.

4. A new Brisbane “creative tech” accelerator has accepted its first 10 startups. The AFR reports the new class of Creative Enterprise Australia’s Collider accelerator will receive $20,000 and a 12-week programme in return for 4% equity. Read more on some of the lucky startups.

5. Russian tech security guru Eugene Kaspersky is in Sydney. He told The Australian that his company, Kaspersky, would hand over code to US authorities if it meant clearing suspicions that it’s spying on US clients behalf of the Kremlin.

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