5 things you need to know in Australian tech today


Hello, this is what you need to know in Australian tech today.

1. Australia’s opening a new startup ‘landing pad’ in Berlin. The Turnbull government this morning announced that its next ‘landing pad’ for Australian startups will be Berlin.

The so-called landing pads are essentially co-working spaces for startups to jump in and out of when looking to expand internationally. It’s the fourth global co-working space rolled out as part of the Turnbull’s innovation push and joins spaces in San Francisco, Tel Aviv and Shanghai.

2. Suncorp has a $5 million stake in a new insurance startup. A US startup which thinks it will reinvent insurance has just closed a $24.4m Series C funding round, with Australian insurer Suncorp throwing in $5 million.

Called Trov, it’s an on-demand insurance platform, where customers are able to instantly turn insurance on or off for individual items such as a laptop, camera or bike.

3. Quickflix is in voluntary administration. The Perth-based streaming service, founded 12 years ago by CEO Stephen Langford yesterday appointed Ferrier Hodgson as administrators and blamed Channel 9 and Fairfax for its demise.

“Despite Quickflix being first to the streaming market and holding a leadership position in 2014, ongoing growth has required capital for continued investment in content and marketing.

“Neither Nine Entertainment nor Stan have ever participated in any capital raisings to assist Quickflix’s growth and its ability to raise capital from any source has been constrained,” the company said.

4. This is why people are pirating Game of Thrones. Mark Serrels at Kotaku has written a great piece about how he has attempted to legally watching Game of Thrones on Foxtel Play, but due to the failures of the services, he simply couldn’t, and ended up pirating the show. Read the story here.

5. HTC’s latest flagship phone will be out on May 3. The HTC 10 is the company’s return to form, priced at $1,099 outright and available on all major carriers for around $70-80 per month on a plan. While it’s a good phone, it could be rough times for HTC if they expect people to pay more for the 10 than Samsung’s Galaxy S7, which is arguably a better device.