5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Leap day! Getty/Thearon W. Henderson

It’s leap day! This is what you need to know.

1. The NBN might be in a bit of strife. Some internal documents leaked at the weekend and showed that the Turnbull government’s NBN is only one third of the way they planned to be at this stage and that costs are blowing up massively. Of course, the NBN itself has denied all of this and says everything is on track, but that’s been said before and targets have needed to be reevaluated.

2. Amazon Prime could be launching in Australia. It is being reported that Amazon wants to use the launch of its new motoring show with ex-Top Gear hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May to launch Amazon Prime in Australia, giving the service big publicity opportunities at launch.

The internet retailer was said to be scouting the local streaming market in late 2015, as well as having chats with rights holders about possible launch deals.

However, it’s not believed that Amazon has inked any significant rights deals, and if it were to launch around August, which is when the new Clarkson, Hammond and May show is tipped to launch, their content will be much less than Netflix’s when it launched in March 2015.

3. We tried out Tesla’s new Summon feature. An update rolled out at the weekend in Australia which allowed Tesla’s Model S to park itself. You simply line up the car, tap the Summon button on your phone and it’ll park. Great for those situations when you can’t open your door. Read what we thought here.

4. Mike Baird has shown off a new shark-spotting drone. The new drone, dubbed the “Little Ripper”, was unveiled by NSW premier Mike Baird yesterday at the Westpac Lifesaver Helicopter Base in La Perouse and will be trialled for six months along the NSW coastline.

The military grade drone, designed to resemble a helicopter, will provide “aerial detection of sharks utilising real-time sensor and pattern recognition algorithms”.

The remote-controlled aircraft will monitor areas along the northern NSW coastlines such as Newcastle, Hawkes Nest and Byron Bay and share relevant data and imagery with police, ambulance and emergency services via radio.

5. Twitter’s Moments is launching in Australia this week. According to the AFR, Twitter is launching its Moments service locally before the end of the week. Moments is a separate tab in the Twitter app offering collections of tweets, photos and videos, curated and pulled together by an editorial team and usually centred around a live event. You can currently see different Moments now if someone else retweets one, but locally curated Moments and the individual tab are not yet available here.

I found out this fun fact today that you might be interested in too: the term angel investor is borrowed from Broadway. A theatre angel was a high net worth person that invested at the last minute to save shows.

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