5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Siri, no back seat driving, OK?

Welcome to Thursday. Here’s everything you need to know.

1. Get from A-to-B faster. The NSW government has collaborated with private developers, using real-time data, to come up with a bunch of new apps to find the best route options and departure times for public transport. More here.

2. No more cops pulling you over using the phone. South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai has been working with an Australian car audio company to integrate Apple’s Carplay into its dashboard system. It’s rolling out next month in the new Tucson SUV, so you can talk to Siri and get her to do everything from sending SMS to navigation.

3. Pitch perfect. Four Aussie startups — Men on the Moon (RocketBuy), ComiXchat, Brandspot and Bluethumb — will pitch to investors at Creative3 for the chance to represent Australia at the world championships for entrepreneurs, the Creative Business Cup in Copenhagen, Denmark later this year. There’s more here.

4. Invaluable advice. Pitching in the tech capital of the world, San Francisco, can be an incredibly daunting experience, especially for expats. Aussie entrepreneur Dean Kelly shares 10 great tips for Australians attempting to raise capital in Silicon Valley. You can find them here.

5. The ABC is focusing on digital retail. Managing director Mark Scott announced all 50 ABC Shops, which employ around 300 people, will be phased out and shut down because the business has become unsustainable. There’s more here.

Have an awesome day! I’m on Twitter.

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