5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Music has been disrupted multiple times. Shutterstock

Here’s what you need to know in tech today.

1. The government is ignoring copyright reform. The feds released draft legislation amending the Copyright Act, but haven’t included changes to Fair Use. Overseas Fair Use has played a big part in the creation of innovative industries and companies, like Google.

2. Sydney has a new, extremely luxurious co-working space. Designed both for startups and executives in need of an office, the Paramount’s co-working space features wood paneling, a whiskey cabinet and custom furniture.

3. The government is calling for feedback on its equity crowdfunding bill. Equity crowdfunding has been touted as necessary to close gaps in financing for startups and other small businesses. But the legislation presented to parliament has been criticised by the startup sector. Now, the government is calling for feedback.

4. It’s been a big year in payments. Use of cash and cheques have dropped off significantly, while companies introduce new and interesting payments technologies. Already Australians make about 400 non-cash transactions every year.

5. How the music industry was disrupted, in one chart. The music industry has been upended several times over, and as with all disruption, always by something that started niche and worked its way up.

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