5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Nonbanks are disrupting the payments space. Justin Sullivan/Getty

Here’s what you need to know in tech today.

1. Australia’s fastest growing fintech startup has tips for other startups. Startups need to validate their ideas in the real world and find investors who are aligned with their vision says Prospa, this year’s Deloitte’s TechFast 50 winner. You can see it all here.

2. An Australian music streaming service raised $100 million. Guvera, which adopted the strategy of targeting emerging markets, has just raised $100 million to fund further expansion into India. The company has already signed deals with several Bollywood music labels, giving it an edge over rivals Spotify and Pandora.

3. Your startup needs the right culture, not the right office. When BigCommerce co-founder Mitchell Harper started his latest business he decided against investing in an office. Instead, he has distributed his team around the world and is counting on hiring the right people and creating the right culture to get the job done.

4. Big disruption is coming to the payments space. The payment industry has been growing steadily, but McKinsay says growth will accelerate until 2019. Meanwhile, the industry will face several kinds of disruption led by the entrance of “nonbanks” like Square and Stripe. You can find more here.

5. Australia is getting digital licenses. Starting from next year NSW will transition towards smartphone-based licenses. Starting with fishing and responsible service of alcohol, the goal is to have digital driving licenses by 2018.

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