5 Things You Need To Know In Australian Tech Today

The first object to be 3D printed in space. Image: Made In Space / NASA.

It’s Wednesday, lets get going.

1. Sydney is getting it’s very own fintech hub in 2015. A purpose built space for tech startups, venture capitals and banks will be established in the CBD by April next year. Some of the country’s biggest property groups have been asked to provide office space for the venture which the AFR reports will be similar to London-based incubator Level39. There’s more here.

2. Apple’s market cap passed $US700 billion overnight. It’s stock has been steadily climbing all year and with Christmas less than a month a way the holiday quarter is expected to be massive. More here.

3. Facebook’s Australian boss said there’s one thing everyone is missing when it comes to big data. It’s not just about vacuuming up as much information as possible, it’s about building insights around the information. There’s more here.

4. Kim Dotcom is broke. The German entrepreneur has said after spending $US10 million on legal costs he’s run out of money. He said if he gets sent back to jail he’d like his fans to send him cards with cats on them. More here.

5. 3D printing is now going on in space. For the first time an object has been 3D printed in space and while there’s a bit of development still to go, it’s a promising development because it means in the future replacement parts could be manufactured on board the ISS.

Here’s what the test run looked like.

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