5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Girl Geek Academy chief Sarah Moran running a coding workshop at Queen of Peace Primary School in western Melbourne. (Source: supplied)

It’s Friday! Check out these tech stories before dashing out:

1. Telstra put information out in the public then tried to make it secret again. The telco requested the magic trick in the Federal Court, arguing that the flowchart that was submitted as part of a previous legal case could get into the hands of hackers. Barbra Streisand Effect, anyone?

2. You can now email your bills to a fintech and it’ll sort it out for you. Melbourne’s Gobbill will take your bills, check them for scams and if they’re genuine, pay them on your behalf using your debit or credit card. Read more on the startup backed by Microsoft and the government’s Stay Smart Online initiative.

3. Atlassian has scrambled to plug its second security hole this week. A security flaw in its collaboration tool Confluence allows unauthenticated attackers to view blogs and pages that are supposed to be only shared internally within the customer organisation. Read more on the situation.

4. Australian teachers will be teaching computer programming to 5-year-old girls. Tech diversity group Girl Geek Academy is launching its #MissMakesCode course, which aims to train 1,000 primary school teachers on how to teach coding to young girls before they develop gender biases. Read more here.

5. Tyro co-founder Andrew Rothwell has joined Data Republic as COO. The executive goes from an established fintech that’s ranked #43 in the Fintech 100 to a rising star that was backed by Qantas, Westpac and NAB in a $10.5 million series A funding round last year. Read more here.

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