5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Shippit co-founders, Rob Hango-Zada and Will On have partnered with Harvey Norman.

Hello, this is what you need to know in tech today.

1. Shippit is enabling Harvey Norman to deliver in 3 hours. After partnering with Australia Post last month, local startup Shippit is now teaming up with Harvey Norman to enable same-day delivery and scheduled deliveries.

You’ll now be able to schedule a delivery time between 7am and 10pm on weekdays for all small appliances, consumer electronics and small goods deliveries. It can all be tracked on your phone in real time, too.

“By partnering with Shippit, in addition to booking standard deliveries through Australia Post, Harvey Norman can now offer smart extras like national three hour delivery scheduling, live GPS delivery tracking, and progress notifications that only a unique startup like Shippit can offer,” Shippit CEO Rob Hango-Zada said.

2. We listen to way too much Justin Bieber. Spotify launched in Australia four years ago this week, and in that time, Australians have streamed 1,626 lifetime’s worth of music. That’s enough music to occupy yourself while walking across the country 400,000 times.

On a single day alone, 1.8 lifetime’s worth of music is streamed across Australia.

We’re also a nation of Beliebers, as much as everyone likes to deny it, with Justin Bieber the most streamed artist of all time in Australia. Sia is the most streamed local artist, closely followed by the Hilltop Hoods.

3. Qantas just made its first tech investment. Qantas, NAB and Westpac have all taken a piece of Sydney tech startup Data Republic as part of the company’s Series A round worth $10.5 million.

All three of the new investors will become strategic partners for Data Republic, which enables companies and government organisations to exchange data in a secure environment.

The investment is Qantas’ first in a tech startup, and also the first by NAB ventures, the bank’s VC fund which was established last year.

Westpac has already been working with Data Republic, whose office is located in the same building as the Westpac-backed Stone and Chalk startup space, to help develop the “world’s first” data banking service.

4. The CEO of Australian financial software company IRESS unloaded on the ‘Ideas boom’. The CEO of Australian financial software company IRESS says the political debate about diversifying Australia’s economy through technology-led innovation is “inflated with bad cliches” and argues the challenge has never been about the supply of ideas but the ability to turn them into profitable businesses. Read more of what he said here.

5. Malcolm Turnbull is pledging $60 million to mobile hotspots. A re-elected Coalition government is pledging an extra $60 million to the mobile blackspot programme to help build 900 new base stations in regional areas across the country.

“The biggest complaint about telecommunications is ‘my mobile phone won’t work’,” Turnbull said.

“So we had our first round, when we committed $100 million and leveraged $380 million total expenditure for just under 500 new base stations, which addressed 3000 out of 6000 nominated blackspots.

“The second round, which Fiona [Nash] is residing over as the minister for regional telecommunications, is another $60 million previously announced. We expect that to address around 900 further blackspots.

“And this third round here we’re announcing today, a third round of $60 million, which will bring the total commitment to $220 million, that is going to address another 900 blackspots.”

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