5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

It’s Easter this weekend, but before you duck off for chocolate and hot cross buns, this is what you need to know in tech.

1. This is how Netflix delivers its shows to your TV. It’s not just as simple as chucking Netflix’s library on a server and sending it to you from across the other side of the world, there’s much, much more to it. We went to Los Gatos in California to find out all about it.

2. Here’s what a couple of Australian startup founders think of Christopher Pyne’s new Digital Marketplace that gives small businesses access to the government’s $5.5 billion of ICT funding:

Mike Pritchett, CEO of video production service, Shootsta:

“From working with government in the past, I know that applying for tenders can be more rigorous than their R&D grants. But, it’s an invaluable source of business for budding companies. So anything that can streamline the process to work with the government is a great for the startup sector.”

Nigel Fellowes – CEO/founder of Freeman Expense Check:

“As a startup that secured a Victorian technology voucher government grant to get off the ground, this announcement is a huge positive for technology companies. In short, this access has the potential to significantly impact the success of a startup like ours by fast tracking growth. “

3. Tesla’s Model S has a few cool features you might not know about. Everything from software updates that can make the car drive itself, handy parking sensors that show you exact measurements and the fact you don’t even need a key to drive it. Read them all here.

4. This Australian startup is trying to solve a big problem. Hate when you’re stuck trying to find a spot? Well a new Australian startup Divvy Parking is helping to curb this problem by allowing commuters to tap into thousands of unused parking spaces in high-demand CBD locations.

5. Labor wants to government to hurry up and implement its new tax incentives for startups. While the Turnbull government’s new tax incentives for startup investors has been universally applauded, it’s causing a few problems for the industry in the short term, with investors holding out until July when the changes come into effect to make their investments. So now the Labor government and industry heavyweights are calling on the government to bring it forward to within the next week to end what’s being called the “investor strike”.

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