5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

It’s Tuesday. Here’s what you need to know in Aussie tech today.

1. Global markets have gone into meltdown and tech stocks haven’t been sheltered from the mass sell-offs. Overnight it was carnage in the US. And in the last three days of trading Netflix has haemorrhaged 20% of its value.

2. ANZ Bank is working on robots to do payroll admin, payments, mortgage processing and customer support. The bank has spent the past year implementing “Robotic Process Automation” across a number of its hubs so humans don’t have to complete monotonous, time-consuming tasks.

3. The internet of stings. Millions of honeybees are simply disappearing from the landscape and that’s a massive problem for just about everyone who eats food. But the CSIRO has a plan to put little e-tag like sensors on 5000 bees to collect data and see what the heck is going on. It’s incredible and you can see it all here.

4. There’s one problem with the ATO’s current stance on crowdfunding. It’s got to do with a lack of detail around taxing points which could result in startups being taxed too early, before revenue is generated from the funds, Matthew Pinter chairman of the Crowdfunding Institute of Australia says. You can read more about the issue he sees with the current guidance, which is expected to be updated when the federal government introduces legislation later this year, here.

5. Courier startup Sendle has annoyed big incumbent Australia Post which has issued a trademark infringement notice after the tiny company used the slogan “Post without the Office”. The Australian reports Sendle CEO James Chin Moody is yet to respond to the letter from Ashurst lawyers and said it was “pretty ridiculous”. “It’s an example of a monopoly provider trying to use its market power to reduce competition.” There’s more here.

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