5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

The Apple Watch has landed. Photo: Jacopo Raule/ Getty.

It’s Friday! Here’s what you need to know in Australian tech today.

1. It’s Apple Watch day! The Apple Watch officially launches in Australia today but the highly anticipated product won’t be available to customers in Apple stores. Only those who have pre-ordered will have them delivered today. See more about what Australian consumers can expect here. Ahead of the launch Apple also compiled a list of the watches’ best apps, and the ultimate user guide. Here’s one of the first to land in Australia.

2. Ingogo could pull off Australia’s largest equity crowdfunding round by raising up to $4 million. Venturecrowd has today launched a campaign aiming to raise as much as $4 million for Ingogo. If successful, the raising, which will close in May, could be the largest equity crowdfunding round to date in Australia. Read more here.

3. Earnings are out. And we have the result for Xero, Google and Amazon. Xero has doubled its losses as it grabs customers and pushes revenue growth, Google whiffs on earnings but its stock is up about 4% after hours and Amazon has reported a nice beat with its stock bouncing around after hours, but is now up almost 5%.

4. SafetyCulture, the startup Atlassian founder Scott Farquhar has taken under his wing, is opening a US office. Full story here.

5. Sydney-based tech company Yatango has just raised $1 million to fund its upcoming reverse takeover with Latitude on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Have an awesome weekend!

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