5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

How long before we see robot shop assistants? Getty

Here’s what you need to know in tech today.

1. Technology is going to destroy Australia’s retail model. The Productivity Commission’s investigation into the Australian workplace has highlighted how new technologies will change the retail sector. From the end of 9-5 workforces, to self-service kiosks and robots, the retail sector may soon be unrecognisable.

2. Woolworths has partnered with a Chinese e-commerce startup. eCargo, a Chinese fashion e-commerce service, will build and manage a storefront for Woolworths on Tmall, the largest online marketplace in China. eCargo has already partnered with several Australian brands, but this will be their first partnership to sell groceries.

3. Business will face a reckoning over data privacy. A majority of Australians are totally opposed to companies collecting personal data, although they might be more amenable if they knew they would benefit. These are the issues companies need to navigate as they join the big data gold rush.

4. The Australian government is suggesting you turn off vital protection for your online identity. myGov, the government service that provides access to Medicare, Centrelink and child support online, is suggesting that users turn off two-factor authentication when they go overseas. Even though users are potentially more at risk when they are traveling.

5. This is what the library of the future could look like. Instead of loaning books, the State Library of Queensland’s experimental library space focuses on hands-on learning. There is a computer lab stocked with the latest production software, a recording studio, laser cutters and 3D printers.

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