5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

It shouldn’t be this hard to communicate. Anthony Kwan/Getty

Here’s what you need to know in tech today.

1. Companies are ditching email in a profound shift in how we work. Advertising agency Atomic212 has banned internal email in an attempt to foster more in-person communication, and thereby more creativity. But it isn’t the only one, as companies move away from email and on to other forms of communication that ensure more transparency or better fit specific tasks.

2. Envato will allow its employees to work from anywhere at any time. The Australian startup is adopting a “universal workplace flexibility” program from its over 200 employees, encouraging those who can to achieve a better work-life balance. The company hopes their new policy, which they believe is a first in Australia, will help with hiring, retention, and productivity.

3. Here are 11 growth hacking strategies for your startup. From having a defined customer base, through validating your idea and distributing through niches, here are the 11 growth hacking strategies you need to know to grow your startup.

4. New cybercrime targets are being created every day. Cybercrime is expected to rise in the coming year as fresh targets for criminals are generated in our adoption of new technologies and services. A new report by security firm Veda highlights what to look out for in the coming year – attacks on health and IoT data, and malicious advertising on social media.

5. Rankings for the most accessed websites on mobile have been released. Predictably, Google, Facebook and Youtube are the most accessed brands on both smartphones and tablets in Australia. But the Commonwealth Bank also ranks well, with 3 million smartphone users per month – ANZ is the next highest bank at 1.806 million. Check out the entire rankings here.

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