5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Street Fighter V. Image: streetfighter.com

1. For once it wasn’t Telstra. Vodafone customers were incensed with an outage to voice, text and data services last night. Read what went wrong.

2. ABS chief just ripped into IBM for the census failures last month. ABS chief statistician David Kalisch told the senate enquiry that IBM had assured denial-of-service risk was mitigated… but it’s now apparent it wasn’t. Read more here.

3. The ASX has revealed that failures in disaster failover were to blame for last Monday’s outage. iTnews reports that a hardware failure that morning kicked off failover procedures, and while the database went to disaster mode correctly, subsystems that connect to it were still trying to read the offline database.

4. Facebook has admitted it had inflated video engagement numbers. The AFR reports the social media giant denies it mislead advertisers, but did correct the error when it was pointed out. Read how it was previously calculating video views.

5. Street Fighter V punches a hole in your PC that allows any malicious software to take over your computer. The Register reported that the popular game contains code that is “so badly designed” that it “blows away” built-in software protections within Windows.

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