5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Hello, this is what you need to know in Australian tech today.

1. It happened again. Telstra went down for many customers again yesterday, resulting in the inability to make or receive phone calls for those in Melbourne, Sydney and Hobart. It’s the fourth major network outage in less than two months for Australia’s largest telco, and it’s the fourth different problem. Telstra needs to sort itself out, and do it quick.

2. An Australian startup has poached a head data scientist from Google. After raising $7.5 million listing on the ASX last year, Megastar Millionaire, the online talent contest, has now hired Roman Sharkey, a head data scientist from Google.

“As a data scientist, working at Google was a significant career achievement. However, the disruptive approach to talent competitions, which are so large in Europe (where I am from) attracted me to MSMCI,” Sharkey said on his hire. “There is an excellent global idea here, and this is my chance to be part of building something truly disruptive from the ground up.”

3. Samsung has a new headband that it hopes will fix concussion problems in sport. Called Brainband, the Australian-made head piece tracks impacts to the head in contact sports in real-time, with the hope that the data gathered will reduce concussion issues. The band came about through Samsung’s Mixed Talents program, where the tech giant puts together two experts from different backgrounds to solve a real life problem through technology.

4. River City Labs has launched a new startup out of its CUA-sponsored Entrepreneur program. It’s called Bandy Flip and is one of five startups currently working on their business ideas as part of the program. Each of the startups in the program receive full-time membership at River City Lab’s co-working space in Brisbane, as well as mentoring and access to networking events.

5. ACCC has removed the roadblock to the taxi industry’s Uber competitor. Taxi networks across Australia will now be able to offer the ihail app, the industry’s answer to Uber after the ACCC decided it would not longer block it. The main concern around the app was the use of Cabcharge as the only in-app payment option.

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