5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Netflix original series Orange Is The New Black. Photo: Screenshot, YouTube

It’s Thursday and the night before Apple Watch. Here’s what you need to know in Australian tech today.

1. There’ll be more for startups in the Budget! That’s what Treasurer Joe Hockey said on Wednesday when he revealed he met with the Atlassian boys to figure out how to support startups in Australia. Full story is here.

2. Stan and Netflix are owning the Australian video streaming market with the most streamable hours of watching. There’s a chart showing how the top five players compare here.

3. Xero boss Rod Drury has detailed some of the toughest decision the company has made on its way to becoming a force in global accounting. One of the biggest was going public so early, a move which meant he’s had to establish a startup in an environment where not much can be hidden. It’s all here.

4. Atlassian has explained why it bought French video conferencing company Blue Jimp. Bernardo de Albergaria, Atlassian’s vice president and general manager of the Collaboration business unit (which looks after HipChat) told Business Insider it took Hipchat three years to process 1 billion messages, one year to get to 3 billion messages and now, in less than 6 months, to pass 5 billion messages. He said it was this growth rate his team is attempting to draw out and video is one of the ways it expects to do that. Full story is here.

5. India-based restaurant discovery startup Zomato will launch in Australia later this year. According to TechCrunch, just a week after it raised a round valuing it at more than $1 billion, Zomato acquired US-based restaurant reservations platform NexTable. The company bought Urbanspoon in a deal worth $52 million back in January.

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