5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

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Here’s what you need to know in tech today.

1. IP Australia has launched a tool for commercialising public patents. Called SourceIP, the platform is a response to calls for a link between government-sponsored research and entrepreneurs looking for business opportunities. Using SourceIP, investors can uncover licensing and collaboration opportunities with a number of universities and public research organisations.

2. Uber may about to be legal in New South Wales. Just a month after being legalised in the Australian Capital Territory, there are reports that ridesharing will get the green light from the New South Wales government as well. Uber drivers will need to get background checks and have their vehicles inspected, while taxis will be compensated for the devaluation of their exclusive licences.

3. Bitcoin Group’s IPO has been delayed again. The year-long drive to become the first listed Bitcoin miner will continue, as ASIC wants the company to appoint an independent expert to address some of their concerns. The price of Bitcoin has risen since the second time a prospectus was issued, but there are concerns about the viability of mining as a long-term business model.

4. You can get Qantas points for using an exercise app. Qantas has done a deal with NIB to offer rewards points if users stick to an exercise program. NIB customers can download the app, choose a daily or weekly fitness target and get Qantas points for sticking to it.

5. Most fintech unicorns are in lending and payments. Financial technology companies are getting a lot of attention from investors as they move into the lucrative banking space. But two types of fintech companies are most beloved: lending companies and payments companies. Here are two of the reasons why.

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