5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Freelancer’s Matt Barrie at SydStart

Here’s what you need to know in tech today.

1. Sydney StartupWeek kicks off. There will be 150 speakers and 60 events over 7 days to promote startups. On top of panels and speeches, there are events for the budding entrepreneur including classes and tours. Find out more here. Oh and one tip: if you get knocked back by venture capitalists, please don’t send them a note like this.

2. SAP have changed hiring practices for a digital generation. Rather than targetting “top performers” in university and using standard interviews, SAP has shifted their hiring strategies to recruit wider and through corporate social responsibility initiatives, educational programs and cocktail nights.

3. An alleged Uber driver has been arrested for rape in Sydney A man has been arrested after picking up a 22 year old Woman on Sunday, assaulting her in a side street. Uber has yet to establish whether he is actually a driver, and the trip was not booked through the app.

4. On-demand companies are starting to lose favour. A chart produced by CB Insights shows that investors are starting to cool on on-demand companies. Total investment in the sector is up on the year, but AirBnB and Uber have raised almost four times everyone else combined.

5. An Australian company shares what makes it innovative. Ivy College was ranked the fourth most innovative company by BRW this year. The company credits four ‘behaviours’ they expect of their staff for driving innovation.

Bonus: Matt Barrie has four things to focus on for an innovative Australia. Responding to renewed focus on technology and innovation, Freelancer’s Matt Barrie has a bunch of suggestions in four key areas: building a skills base, creating an innovative culture, tapping dormant research, and government setting an example.

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