5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

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There’s a lot going on today:

1. Amazon Australia is starting at 2pm tomorrow. That’s the news broken by Lifehacker last night after emails were sent to Australian third party sellers allowing them to prepare for purchases from Thursday afternoon. It’s a soft launch, so will only be open to a “small number of customers”, whatever that means. But the rest of us can enjoy ice cream tomorrow!

2. This is why Amazon is setting up in Australia. A new global consumer survey has revealed 88% of Australians shop on overseas websites because of dissatisfaction with local retailers. The majority of these shoppers looked offshore for better prices. The survey also found 82% of Australians would prefer slower but free shipping, compared to paid but fast delivery.

3. The personal information of Australian Uber users may have been exposed in a massive security breach. The data of 57 million users globally was leaked October last year, but the ridesharing giant only admitted it overnight. Now Uber is contacting local authorities. Meanwhile, taxi operators are taking class action against Uber in Victoria for operating in the state illegally for four years between 2013 and 2017.

4. The Australian startup community is founded on multiculturalism. Startup Muster’s annual report on the industry reveals 35.7% of founders were born overseas, compared to 28% for the general population. So local entrepreneurs continue to worry about tightening skilled immigration laws, fearing it could stifle innovation in Australia. Check out all the “state of the union” stats from the report here.

5. A former general that served as President Obama’s cybersecurity chief says military officers should avoid taking sides in politics. Retired brigadier general Greg Touhill, who served in the US Air Force for more than 20 years, told Business Insider during a trip to Sydney this month that when Donald Trump came into office, he offered to stay on as the United States chief information security officer. But the offer was declined.

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