5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Photo by Patrick Lux/Getty Images

Hello, this is what you need to know in tech today.

1. Australia has a new cyber security strategy. The Turnbull government has launched a new $230 million national cyber security program this morning, Australia’s first big update since 2009.

The strategy will consist of five key pillars: strengthening cyber defences, education, partnerships, research and development, and global awareness.

But perhaps the most interesting part is that Australia is going to be going on the offensive, with the ability to launch pre-emptive cyber attacks against hacker “safe havens”. The government will work with allies to shut these safe havens down before they get a chance to strike as part of a global initiative.

2. Telstra just invested in the most important startup you’ve never heard of. Telstra just made one of its most important investments, pouring $10 million into, Nginx (pronounced “Engine-X”), one of the most important startups you’ve never heard of.

As it stands right now, Nginx’s flagship web server technology is immensely popular, with 150 million websites using it, from Netflix to Airbnb and Instagram.

In fact, 49.2% of the top world’s 1000 busiest websites use Nginx to handle the heavy lifting of delivering web pages to a browser, as measured by tracking authority W3Techs.

3. Alibaba is coming to Australia.Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce colossus which processed transactions worth $US149 billion in the December quarter alone, said at an event in Hangzhou last week it would open an Australian office “later this year”, with James Hudson, CEO of the NSW branch of the Australia-China Business Council, joining the business next month.

4. Here’s what NSW’s transport system will look like in five years. We went through all the news from the Future Transport Summit in Sydney and pulled out the best parts, including driverless cars, traffic lights that talk and tapping on with our credit cards on public transport. Read about it all here.

5. LG’s latest phone, the G5 has an Australian release date and price.It’ll be landing in Australia on May 2 if you get it through Optus or Harvey Norman, while Telstra customers can grab the device on May 3. Anyone who preorders it through Harvey Norman will receive a free CamPlus module which adds a bigger battery and camera grip.

If you’re buying outright, it’ll set you back $1,099. Carriers are yet to give their official pricing, but expect it to be priced around the same as Samsung’s Galaxy S7.