5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Recognise this man? If not, pay attention. Mitch Fifield is the new communications minister and also helping out with digital government. Source: Twitter/@SenatorFifield.

Hello Monday! Let’s try to help you “understand the opportunities of the future”, as the PM says.

1. When startups are on fire, the jobs market is too. Josh Nicholas trawled through some fascinating research released by the Dept of Industry and Science last week. The five-year study looked at employment in the startup sector, which it defines as a firm less than two years old, with an average of 5.5 employees, and found they are great job creators. Between 2006 to 2011, which spans the GFC, Australian startups added 1.44 million full-time employees, at a time when the rest of the economy shed 400,000 jobs. But the sector waned over that period too, which suggests Malcolm Turnbull’s government and its new ministers have some work to do to get things back on track. Take a look at the numbers here.

2. Speaking of the Turnbull ministry, Australia’s new boss made his intentions very clear when he appointed one of the Coalition’s rising stars, Mitch Fifield, to the role of minister assisting the PM for digital government – as well as taking over from the PM in communications to roll out the NBN. Christopher Pyne, another strong performer, is now the industry, innovation and science minister. Here’s what it might mean for the Australia tech sector.

3. Have you updated the OS on your iPhone yet?. If not, everything you need to know about the changes to is here and should convince you to act, if only because Siri is turning into the virtual PA you’ve always wanted.

4. Sydney’s talking about how good digital disruption is this week. . The University of Sydney Business School’s annual technological innovation conference, Disrupt.Sydney, is on this Friday and has the theme “disruption for good”. It’s looking at digital innovation in rural Australia and China; the workplace of the future; and using virtual reality to deal with post-traumatic stress, among other things. The details are here.

5. zipMoney’s the newest backdoor listing on the ASX. The credit startup lists today, after a $5 million raise and a backdoor listing via junior miner Rubianna Resources. The “buy now, pay later” lender, founded by former Macquarie and Deutsche investment banker Larry Diamond, has signaled its intent by hiring PayPal senior executive, Jonathan Kelly as director of merchant services. The details are here.

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