5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

It’s Tuesday. Well Monday in the US, which is where today’s column is being written. This week Business Insider is in San Francisco checking out Airbnb’s headquarters and meeting with a bunch of Australian startups who have made the jump across the Pacific.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Ruslan Kogan managed to score a prime spot at the Paypal listing in New York. There’s more here.

2. Speaking of Aussies nailing it in the US, drone racer Chad Nowak is now the first official world champion. Hailing from Brisbane, Nowak traveled to California to compete in the first US National Drone Racing Championships. He won all three titles. Full story is here.

3. Aussie startups making the US jump. There’s been a few making the move lately, chasing talent, capital and bigger market opportunities are the main reasons for leaving the home country. Joel Macdonald, founder of logistics management platform Swift, has packed up and relocated to New York after securing a two year, million dollar deal with a big online retailer. He’s also landed another $675,000 in funding as he scales the business. Full story is here.

4. Useful selfies. They’re not all vain, apparently. An Aussie duo has developed an app which uses a selfie of your eye to determine whether you have anaemia, (an iron deficiency) or not. They even presented the idea to Microsoft founder Bill Gates. More here.

5. Telsta and Airbnb are having a little squabble. The fight is going all legal, and it’s over who gets to trademark the tagline “belong”. Full story is here.

If you’re in SF, hit us up on Twitter. Have an awesome day!

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