5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Australia is falling behind. Getty

Here’s what you need to know in tech today.

1. Australia is falling behind in the internet speed race. Australia is losing ground to the rest of the world in average internet speeds. Even countries that have similar challenges, like America and Canada, are growing twice as fast as Australia.

2. Shares in a tiny tech company are soaring after a deal with the NBN. BSA has signed a four-year deal to roll out and maintain the network to homes and businesses in Sydney, remote NSW and Melbourne.

3. The ABC just hired a Google executive as its new managing director. The ABC has already been at the cutting edge of digital media, through social media, catch-up services and digital programming. But the ABC says hiring a tech executive will help them fully transition into the digital era.

4. Real robots are catching up to their Star Wars counterparts. From maintenance robots through to medical and farming assistants, real robotics is catching up to science fiction. And many of the advancements are taking place in Australia.

5. There has been a massive increase in one type of internet attack. DDoS attacks are up 180% year on year, and have grown in scale to where they are challenging internet providers and other key internet infrastructure. Australians were responsible for 5% of the attacks.

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