5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

An artist’s impression of the revamped White Bay power station as a tech hub. Photo: supplied.

Here’s what you need to know in tech today.

1. A disused power station 2km from Sydney’s CBD could become a tech hub. The White Bay power station next to the Anzac Bridge could be turned into a tech hub as part of a $20 billion redevelopment. Simon Thomsen has more.

2. Labor has released “guiding principles” for legislating the sharing economy. The six principles include requiring good wages and working conditions, payment of a “fair share of tax”, consumer law protection and accessibility for Australians with disabilities. You can read all the principles here.

3. A P2P marketplace for invoices has raised $500,000. Timelio allows businesses to sell their accounts receivable to investors, and has seen $35 million in deals in their first six months.

4. Australian business travel service Locomote just partnered with Regus.The Melbourne-based business travel platform has partnered up with one of the largest workplace companies in the world, Regus. It opens the company up to millions of potential customers.

5. We take you inside the Policy Hack. The ideas generated in the Policy Hack hosted by assistant minister for innovation Wyatt Roy and startup incubator Blue Chilli are on their way to relevant ministers. Here’s how the ideas came together, as well as some of the limitations of the process.

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