5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

(Source: Domino’s Australia)

Huzzah, it’s Friday:

1. Domino’s knows how its customer data was leaked… but won’t say who the “former supplier” responsible for the breach was. The pizza chain’s CEO Don Meij said the stolen data, used by scammers to send customised spam emails, matched up with the set in its online ratings system. The company still won’t say how many customers have been affected by the privacy breach.

2. Siri co-founder Adam Cheyer says artificial intelligence could displace 30% of people from their current jobs. But if it happens slowly enough, it won’t bring on a social crisis – and there’s one profession that he would never like a machine to take over. Read which industry the tech expert would like protected from automation.

3. Samsung wants you to be stop using your smartphones. You read that right — the company has allowed Ariana Huffington’s wellbeing company, Thrive Global, to release an app for its phones that will help people spend time away from technology, to devote to useless things like sleeping and family. Read more on the crazy idea.

4. Brisbane tech company Over The Wire has acquired a Sydney tech firm for $15.6 million. The sale price for VPN Solutions is five times its annual earnings, which hit $3.1 million for the year ending September 30.

5. Former Telstra and Suncorp tech chief Jeff Smith has settled his legal case with former employer IBM. The US tech giant was unhappy that he was about to start a new job with Amazon Web Services, claiming he would be taking commercially sensitive information to his new employer. iTnews reports the case has now been settled out of court, and Smith has decided against joining Amazon.

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