5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Photo: Justin Sullivan/ Getty.

Happy Friday. Here’s what you need to know before you have a great weekend.

1. What Australians have been talking about on Facebook. We’ve been very active on social media expressing our opinions and reactions. The surprising thing is it’s not all kitten memes, Aussies love talking politics on the site – what got us talking is listed here.

2. We’re getting Telsa’s Powerwall! Is this the alternative power game changer Australia’s been waiting for? The home battery system will hit Australia by the end of the year, meaning the power generated by solar panels will be stored for use at night and you could also use off-peak grid power to charge. Tesla says local pricing for the rechargeable lithium-ion battery will be set by those suppliers, but as a guide, the 7 kWh is $US3000 and 10 kWh, $US3500. Read all about it here.

3. Alexandra Keating’s US app building startup just raised $12 million. Former PM Paul Keating’s daughter, Alexandra, who was just a teenager when she sold her first tech company, has done it again with DWNLD. The platform makes apps on demand, scraping data off your blog and turning it into an app you can customise customise. Read more here.

4. Reverse takeover ASX listing of the week. . LiveTiles is a New York-based software company which hooked up with a Perth-based coal company, Modun Resources. They flogged off the coal assets for $2 million, raised another $12 million, and hit the ASX today, starting at 21 cents on a $57 million valuation before dropping to 17c. The software helps with communication on Microsoft cloud platforms. More details here.

5. 1.6 million Australians are clicking on online ads. Around 8.1% of people over 14 actually clicked on an ad, double the figure from four years ago, which is good news for advertisers in an era when everyone is terrified about the war between Google and Apple over ad blocking. But the surprising thing is the digital native crowd under 24 is least likely to press down on the mouse. Read the latest figures from Roy Morgan Research here.

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