5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Twitter and Square founder Jack Dorsey. Photo: Justin Tallis/ AFP/ Getty Images

Here’s the tech news for Tuesday:

1. Blockchain skills are in hot demand. Job postings that ask for blockchain capabilities have tripled in the past year, with the number of ads on LinkedIn growing more than 40% each quarter. The best engineers in that distributed ledger technology can demand salaries topping $US250,000 a year. Read more on what’s provoking the demand here.

2. Digital giants are coming to take over. Industry analyst firm Gartner revealed the 100 biggest tech companies by revenue and while Apple and Samsung are still on top, the digital players such as Google, Facebook and Alibaba are fast catching up. Read more on how they’re reaching into so much of our lives.

3. Square is about to score a big win over the big banks. The AFR reports the big credit companies are about to greenlight “PIN on glass”, or “mobile PIN”, technology that will allow smartphones to be used for point-of-sale authentication. This means the old POS devices you see at shops, rented out by banks, could face some stiff competition from much cheaper phone plug-in devices.

4. The Victorian ombudsman was stunned by alleged nepotism by a former government CIO. iTnews reports former Metropolitan Fire Brigade tech chief Mary Powderly-Hughes had changed her sons’ names, falsified their CVs and coached them through the interview process to hire them into jobs that netted them $400,000 – all without declaring the relationship.

5. A robot will write a New York Times bestseller in 30 years. Oxford and Yale researchers have predicted when artificial intelligence will become capable of doing certain human tasks, marking 2051 as when it could automate all human tasks and 2136 as when all human jobs could be performed by tech. Read more here.

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