5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

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The end of another short week! Please have a read of these tech stories before you head out for the weekend:

1. Vodafone strikes back. The telco’s chief strategy officer has rubbished the claim that Vodafone would face an existential crisis upon TPG’s entry as the fourth mobile network and instead questioned how the newcomer could build anything of quality with just $600 million. Read more here.

2. BrickX, the startup that lets millennials enter the property market for $100, will start looking at real estate outside of Sydney and Melbourne. While the current portfolio is based in the two biggest cities, BrickX chief Anthony Millet told Business Insider that new opportunities are being explored in Brisbane, Hobart and Perth. Read more on the company’s plans.

3. A regional Victorian city has been left fuming over a potential $40 million damages bill following the roll out of the NBN.Ballarat council told a parliamentary inquiry on Thursday of its frustration that the NBN is not being held to the same standards as other utilities like electricity and water when it comes to protecting local infrastructure. Read more here.

4. A flashlight app for Android has been found to steal the user’s banking details. Tech security company Eset has observed the malware, hidden within the Flashlight LED Widget app, to mimic Westpac, CommBank and NAB banking apps to harvest usernames and passwords. Read more on the finding.

5. Human resources tech startup 1-Page is in turmoil. The board has been feuding for months and now the AFR reports chief executive Peter Kent has been dumped. There are moves under way to also get rid of co-founder and former chief executive Joanna Riley. This all comes at the same time as Kent and Riley sent a letter to shareholders to apologise for a poor 2016.

Bonus: Virgin Australia has started testing in-flight high speed wi-fi. While Qantas’ service, launched this month, is free, its rival is yet to work out the financial model. Read more here.

Have a great day! Please email me your story tips or find me on Twitter.

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