5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

YouTube Red has been dubbed the ‘Netflix-killer’. Photo: Ian Forsyth/ Getty Images.

Good afternoon. It’s a late one but a good one. Here’s what you need to know in tech.

1. YouTube’s ‘Netflix-killer’ is here but it got off to a rocky start. This morning YouTube launched its Red subscription service which lets users watch ad free original content. The only problem was that many people had difficulty signing up. YouTube has told us the problem has now been resolved.

2. The world’s first commercial jetpack is finally ready for production. Martin Jetpacks starts production from next month. New Zealander Glenn Martin has been developing the jetpack for more than 30 years. The machines are expected to retail for $US200,000 when they are released to the market later this year. Chris Pash has more.

3. Science is cool, and Aussies do it the best. Australian scientists have invented the world’s most efficient solar panel. The solar cell configuration developed at the University of New South Wales nudges closer to the theoretical limits of sunlight-to-electricity conversion. Click here to get your geek on and find out more.

4. If you’re an iiNet customer, you won’t be reading this. The Perth-based company’s internet and telephony crashed at around 4am today. It’s still down, and more than 12 hours are likely to pass before things get back to normal. Compounding the problem, another outage blocked anyone from contacting the company (although everyone in there right now is probably glad they can’t hear the screams from the TPG offshoot’s 900,000 customers). The details are here.

5. Cheating is like building a better mousetrap analogy. Remember how improvements in tech made it easier for examiners to find plagiarised papers? Well, now we’ve got better mice, with students at a Thai medical college caught using spy cameras linked to smartwatches during exams. The exam was cancelled after the scam was uncovered, but still… Here’s your guide to Best Practice when it comes to cheating at university.

BONUS ITEM: Technology is getting creepy. Business Insider’s editor-in-chief found that Google’s Photos AI combined some of his old snaps to create an amazing Sydney Opera House shot. Read how it happened, and how he found it here.

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