5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Scarlett Johansson with the Huawei P9. (Source: Huawei)

Welcome to a new week! Catch up on these must-read tech stories to get your week off to a flying start:

1. The NBN will not have to run a lamington drive. The government has finally decided to lend the organisation $19.5 billion to finish the broadband rollout, after leaving it hanging without funding for beyond this year.

2. Samsung has had a dreadful quarter, and now the numbers prove it. Industry research firm Gartner says a 14.2% drop in smartphone sales is the worst decline it has ever seen for Samsung. Read more on that plus how Apple’s fortunes are also dipping, with Huawei now within striking distance.

3. Amazon has started selling cars. Reuters reports that Fiat Chrysler are putting three models on sale through the internet giant at a discount, initially for Italian buyers only. Cars are expected to be available for pickup at a local dealer within two weeks of clicking.

4. A blog post about how a programmer was forced to code software for unethical purposes has sparked debate in the tech community. Bill Sourour’s tale of being duped by his employer to get around drug advertising laws to get young women to take a risky drug has raised questions about how coders should “self-regulate” before a mass tragedy occurs.

5. Ruslan Kogan has revealed his secret to keeping prices down while making better margins. CRN reports that at Kogan’s recent AGM the entrepreneur credited a new proprietary ERP system with the company’s new-found level of efficiency.

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