5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Blippar’s co-founders: Steve Spencer, Ambarish Mitra, Oscar Tayeb and Jess Butcher.

It’s Wednesday. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Netflix claimed its first Australian victim. Ezyflix posted this message on its site saying it has ceased operations.

The full story is here.

2. The AshleyMadison.com hackers just dumped a tonne of user data. The site was hacked in July and there are reports nearly 10 gigabytes of info has been dumped onto the dark web. More here.

3. The City of Sydney has a plan to make the Harbour city Australia’s startup capital. But when a bunch of the tech industry’s top players met to discuss the draft action plan, the general consensus was that it requires a lot more work to get the priorities right. You can read all about it here.

4. The sharing economy is inching its way into government. NSW is considering trialling car space sharing across a number of its properties which could see an extra 400 spots available across Sydney, Parramatta and Gosford. The state government has been working with a number of startups including Divvy to implement the tech to get the idea off the ground. More here.

5. A bit of inspiration. Ambarish Mitra was a teenage runaway living in Munrika, a slum in the southwest corner of Delhi. He’s now the CEO of billion-dollar augmented reality advertising company, Blippar. His amazing story is here.

Have an awesome day! I’m on Twitter.

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