5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Good morning, and we hope you’re keeping warm wherever you are! Here’s what you need to know in tech today.

1. The NBN 4G network has been pegged as one of the best in the world. An Ericsson-commissioned report, conducted by Ovum, has found that the performance of the fixed wireless component of the NBN is faster and has better access to higher data allowances from retail service providers than anyone else in the world. The Australian has more.

2. Importing digital tech products in Australia? You’re about to get taxed a whole lot more. Treasurer Joe Hockey says “the GST for imported digital products is potentially going to go further following discussions with the state treasurers in mid August. We have now found a way to ensure that those providing goods from overseas into Australia do not get any advantage out of the tax free threshold.” The Daily Telegraph has more.

3. Booking.com has launched a new app for Android.The app will capture more of the growing trend towards booking accommodation on a mobile device. Research by the website revealed 86% of global travellers are likely to book accommodation using a smartphone in 2015. Read more here.

4. Superloop CEO Daniel Abrahams has slammed the Australian government for its lack of support for tech. ITNews reports that at a Commsday summit yesterday Abrahams said: “We can do so much more by way of tax breaks, in making sure our research institutions and educational institutions are properly funded, and that we provide support for our start-ups,” adding that Australia is increasingly falling behind regional ICT hubs such as Singapore. Read more here.

5. Google earnings have topped expectations. Google just reported stellar Q2 earnings which sent the stock flying. Revenue is up 11% year-over year, and Google says that revenue would have been up 18% if it weren’t for currency fluctuations. Get the numbers here.

BONUS ITEM: It’s #WorldEmojiDay!

And it just so happens to land on the birthday of our own foreign affairs minister Julie Bishop! Read more about Bishop’s relationship with emoji here.

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