5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

A scene from the Oscar-winning film Dallas Buyers Club Photo Credit: Anne Marie Fox / Focus Features

Here’s what you need to know in tech today.

1. The Federal Court has dismissed the Dallas Buyers Club piracy case. Producers of the film had wanted the private details of those it accused of illegaly sharing the movie. The court labelled the damage claims “unrealistic”. You can read the details here.

2. 81 countries have agreed to cut tariffs on $US1.3 trillion in tech products. Every year Australia imports more than $21 billion and exports more than $4 billion of the 201 products covered. Cheaper prices and lower barriers will benefit both consumers and industry, the government says.

3. The Government’s preferred NBN technology now has 1,000 customers. After 14 months of construction, just 1,000 people have been connected through the government’s Fibre To The Node strategy. Meanwhile 500,000 customers have had fibre connected right to their houses, the preference of the previous government, and 8,000 more are added every week.

4. Digital advertising is closing the gap on television. By 2019, the gap between digital and television advertising will be just $2.7 billion globally. This creates opportunities for new online business models but poses risks for television networks which have long commanded the top spot.

5. Google and Lendlease might partner to develop the White Bay power station. The 80ha site near Sydney’s CBD had been mooted as a future technology hub after the Australian Technology Park was sold to developers. More than 60 proposals have been received by the government.

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