5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Landing pad for Guzman y Gomez drone. (Source: supplied)

Here’s your tech news for Wednesday:

1. If you’ve ever ordered a Domino’s Pizza, scammers now have your details. Customers in recent weeks have received scam emails with very specific details like name and suburb, which Domino’s has admitted came from a data leak through a “former supplier”. The relationship with the supplier ended in July but an investigation is ongoing, although the company won’t say how many Australians are affected. Read more on the breach.

2. You can now use your “savings” or “cheque” EFTPOS account for “tap and go”. ANZ, through Apple Pay, is the first in Australia to offer this capability. Up until now, even debit cards were charged as a Visa or Mastercard credit card, attracting higher merchant fees – meaning higher costs for the consumer. Read more here.

3. NBN complaints doubled in the 2017 financial year. That’s according to the latest Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman annual report, which reported an almost 160% increase in cases regarding the national network. It was also the first year in which more Australians complained about their internet service than their mobile or landline telephone line. Read more here.

4. Guzman u Gomez is sending burritos by drone. The Australian fast food chain is participating in trials by Alphabet’s Project Wing. Unfortunately residents near Canberra are the only ones involved in the testing phase right now. Read more.

5. A newfound Wi-Fi vulnerability is confusing Australians as to what to do. iTnews reports the flaw in the WPA2 protocol, revealed on Monday, has Australian users scrambling but not sure whether to immediately patch their routers. Tips on how you can protect your networks are here.

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