5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Stuntmen take to the sky at 6,000ft over England. Photo: John Phillips/ Getty Images for NatWest.

Hello. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Investors have crowdfunded $1 million to build a major residential property in Sydney. For the first time in Australia investors have been able to invest in the equity of a property development before it is subdivided and sold. VentureCrowd, an equity-based crowdfunding platform, and residential property developer Clearstate, teamed up to raise the funds which bought investors a total of 49% equity in the development. Read more here.

2. I tried a coding workshop and created a web app in a day — here’s what I learned. Our very own Olivia Chang took on a weekend coding workshop at Coder Factory, where she was introduced to the nuts and bolts of programming and building a web app from scratch. Here’s how it went.

3. The unmasking of the creator of Bitcoin was just a PR stunt. The London Review of Books is reporting that the revealing of Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious inventor of the bitcoin, as Craig Wright, an Australian computer scientist, was part of a commercial PR strategy. The Australian has more.

4. The chiropractor who denied abusing Senator Nova Peris on Facebook just pleaded guilty to doing it. Chris Nelson, a chiropractor from the Central Coast, 90 minutes north of Sydney, has pleaded guilty to abusing former Olympian and ALP senator Nova Peris on Facebook.

After initially claiming his account had been hacked, he today pleaded guilty in court and will be sentenced next month. Simon Thomsen has more.

5. Mike Cannon-Brookes is happy Guvera’s ASX listing was blocked. The co-founder of Atlassian has thrown his support behind ASX’s decision to stop embattled music streaming company Guvera from listing on the exchange.

Cannon-Brookes applauded the ASX on Twitter, saying it was a “good move” and that “investors would have lost all their cash”. Read more here.

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