5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Lara Worthington with a customised clutch by The Daily Edited. Photo: Facebook/ The Daily Edited.

Good morning, here’s what you need to know this morning.

1. More headaches for Dick Smith. All of a sudden the tech retailer has $1.8 million worth of extra TVs it needs to get rid after a bizarre legal battle involving the retailer’s TV manufacturer, Chinese company Shenzhen MTC, and transport company Toll was resolved yesterday. See the details here.

2. Here comes new tax changes for entrepreneurs and startups Malcolm Turnbull today announced new tax incentives to encourage innovation in Australia. From concessional tax treatment for early stage investors to new arrangements for venture capital limited partnerships, here’s what you need to know about the changes.

3. Customisation is changing the retail industry as we know it. With the help of advances in mobile technology customisation transforming pret-a-porter and other mass-produced products to bespoke designs created by imagination of the consumer. It may have all started with Shoes of Prey, but now other big hitters are on the scene, and they’re killing it. See more here.

4. Bringing in the big guns. CEO Andrew Penn has grabbed Kevin Russell, currently CEO for a Silicon Valley-based technology start-up, is a former SingTel Optus Country Chief Officer and CEO of consumer, to run Telstra’s retail business.

5. Get ready for a boom of tech startups from Southeast Asia. The ASX a preferred stock exchange for Southeast companies to list on because of its access to investors who are used to putting a proportion of their cash in tech stocks. And according to Singapore-based Golden Gate Ventures, we’re about to see a whole bunch of IPOs. Chris Pash has the latest.

And that’s it for today. Check in again tomorrow for your daily dose of Aussie tech news.

Have a good day!

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