5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Morning! It’s Wednesday and we’re halfway there. Here’s what’s happening.

1. Australia needs another 100,000 tech workers. Your country needs you. According to Indeed.com’s senior VP, Paul D’Arcy, every company is a tech co. and that means big demand for information and communication technology (ICT) workers. Read all about it here.

2. The app economy is here. A new survey by CA Technologies revealed 78% of senior execs believe that in the next three years software-driven business models will be a critical driver of competitive advantage. There’s more here.

3. Digital saturation is moving into the sports arena. Last month the Melbourne Storm launched the first loyalty program in Australia to use a smartcard to reward club members and fans for their support. Is this the future of footy club membership? Find out here.

4. Jobs will be lost to computerisation in Australia. Researchers say almost 40% of Australian jobs that exist today, more than five million of them, have a moderate-to-high likelihood of disappearing in the next 10-15 years due to tech advancements. More here.

5. UberX just got 10% cheaper in Sydney. But is that a good idea? Gizmodo Australia’s Luke Hopewell explores the winter price cut and debates whether this is smart considering the implications similar moves have had overseas. Make up your own mind and find out more here.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Photo: Getty Images

BONUS: Mark Zuckerberg lives a charmed life. More than 1.4 billion people around the world use Facebook today, thanks to its founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Connecting that many people — and, of course, selling them ads — has made Zuckerberg and his company quite a bit of cash. Learn all about his amazing life here.

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