5 Things You Need To Know In Australian Tech Today

It’s Thursday – we’re one week out from Christmas – here’s what you need to know.

1. Quickflix’s $5.7 million capital raising for new content has stumbled well short of target. Quickflix says its offer closed with only $650,814.73 raised. The company will now seek to place the shortfall to any party. More here.

2. But in the US tech IPO’s are hot again. There have been a couple of big listings this month, especially in online lending with Lending Club and OnDeck. It’s a trend to keep abreast of with discussion about how peer-to-peer lending will work in Australia after the release of last week’s financial system inquiry and P2P lender Society One securing high profile backing from James Packer and News Corp. Earlier this year US markets eased off the tech sector but it looks like, in the lead up to Christmas, it’s back on the investor wish list. More here.

3. Solid tech skills get you hired. LinkedIn has released a list of the top skills people who got hired this year had listed on their profiles and that recruiters searched for the most. Most of them are data and software related. Full list here.

4. Sony has decided not to go ahead with its December 25 release of its movie The Interview after hackers targeted and have subsequently threatened the company and its employees this month. The company’s statement is here. If Sony chooses to scrap the release of the movie it could risk losing $100 million.

5. On average people use their smartphones for an hour a day. The majority of the time is spent communicating via text, talking or email. It’s that insight which is why messaging apps are securing huge amounts of funding right now – they aim to combine all three of those activities – and money follows eyeballs. Here’s how the average person uses their smartphone.

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