5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Justin Dry. Photo: Supplied.

Here are the top stories as you head into the weekend:

1. Vinomofo founders once sold off 70% of the startup then bought it back within a year. Co-founder Justin Dry recalled the story at a screening of a new film about Australian startups – The New Hustle – saying he and Andre Eikmeier was excited to be acquired by the bigger player but then things didn’t quite pan out the way they wanted. Read more here.

2. Xero is going full speed on artificial intelligence, but says it will boost the accounting industry – not dismantle it. The software company’s Xerocon conference heard this week that accountants would receive all sorts of technology and strategic support to adjust their businesses for the new age of machine learning. Read more here.

3. Australia will play a vital role when the Cassini space probe makes its final descent into Saturn later today. Cassini’s final hours will be transmitting home in real time, with the signals picked up by the CSIRO-managed Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex. Read more about that here.

4. The federal government has opened the door for startups to raise money from everyday folk. Under changes introduced to parliament this week, startups will be able to raise up to $5 million through crowdfunding in any one year – and they need not be public companies, as was previously the case. Read more.

5. NSW’s top judge is developing a system to take legal cases between banks and mortgagees online. The AFR reports Supreme Court justice Tom Bathurst is working with banks to provide a cheaper way to access justice, with a system that will also provide mortgagees with “support services including financial counselling” and allow the two sides to “communicate online”.

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