5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Ping pong table at Betterment.

Telstra is dominating tech headlines today:

1. Telstra got nothing from its Foxtel investment in the 2017 financial year. The telco, a 50-50 joint venture partner with News Corp in the pay television company, received exactly $0 distribution compared to $37 million last year. The telco, after its annual results were released this morning, also saw its share price get absolutely smashed after forecasting a 30% cut in dividends during the current financial year.

2. Telstra is getting into the budget mobile market. With the mobile service market completely commoditised due to the success of cheap reseller brands like Amaysim, Aldi and Woolworths, the country’s biggest telco is joining the fray through its low-cost brand Belong. Read more here.

3. Telstra will have cut 2,800 staff by the end of 2017. The telco today upped its $1 billion cost-cutting drive to a new goal of $1.5 billion by 2022, and revealed 1,366 full-time equivalent positions were cut in the 2017 financial year. A further 1,400 cuts, as revealed in June, will take place the rest of this year. Read more here.

4. Free food and ping pong tables aren’t going to fix people problems at Australian startups. AirTree’s Sara Ramirez Morales writes in a guest column for Business Insider that fostering an inclusive and respectful work environment requires careful and deliberate planning from startup founders. Read her advice to entrepreneurs here.

5. 20 Australian executives just revealed what their smartphone home screen looks like. Check out how successful people organise their apps.

Bonus – Google Home might have an Australian accent, but it’s not quite ready to answer some questions that locals would want to ask. Check out the video here of what the home assistant can’t yet do, but is on the way to learning.

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