5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Kate Morris, founder of Adore Beauty. Photo: Supplied.

1. Music and tech industry investors have pumped in $6 million to an Australian headphone startup. Nura’s Nuraphones detect which frequencies the user’s ears hear well, and don’t, to customise the sound output for what the company claims is a richer listening experience. The seed funding round follows a record Australian Kickstarter campaign last year that raised $2.5 million. Read more on the invention here.

2. You’ll be able to watch and listen to Foxtel, Netflix and Spotify for free on Qantas flights soon. The airline announced that the entertainment streaming services would be available later this month on flights that have its new high-speed free wi-fi. Read more on the service here.

3. With Amazon looming in Australia, Woolworths has hooked up with Microsoft. The supermarket giant revealed yesterday that it moved its online shopping computer infrastructure onto the Microsoft Azure cloud, so the supermarket giant no longer has to worry about maintenance and scaling. A Woolworths exec said it would allow the company to concentrate on the actual online shopping experience – a vital focus as Amazon looks to land and undercut the competition.

4. It’ll soon be illegal for Australian businesses to keep quiet about data breaches. The AFR reports that Australia has followed in the footsteps of other countries, with the senate passing legislation that forces companies accountable to the Privacy Act to report data compromises to authorities.

5. Online beauty retailer Adore Beauty bought back the 25% stake it sold to Woolworths in 2015. Startup Smart reports founder Kate Morris made the move after deciding the priorities of the two companies no longer matched up.

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