5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

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Toptal cofounders Taso Du Val, left, and Breanden Beneschott. Source: Toptal

Welcome to a new week. Here are your must-read tech stories in Australia today:

1. Former Nine Network executive Peter Wiltshire has joined startup Echofied. Wiltshire says the app is a “game-changer” — read what sets it apart.

2. Public cloud spending will crack $5.5 billion in Australia this year. Despite the boom, CRN reports Aussie businesses “aspiring” for the cloud still outnumber actual consumption. Read more on the numbers from tech industry analyst firm Gartner.

3. Westpac has been pumping in $16.5 million to a fintech startup. “Self-broking” home loan site Uno is the bank’s first foray into the broking side of the industry. Read more on makes Uno so attractive to Westpac.

4. A US startup claims to have no offices and unlimited leave. Freelancer-to-employer matchmaking site Toptal is topping US$100 million in annual revenue and has “hundreds” of employees — but no-one is physically in the same place, with co-founder Breanden Beneschott encouraging everyone to travel. He himself has lived in 30 countries in the past five years. Read more here.

5. Collision detection company Mobileye cut ties with Tesla because the car-maker was allegedly “pushing the envelope” with safety. Reuters reports that the public spat is unusual in an industry in which suppliers rarely speak out on issues.

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