5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

(L-R) 99designs CEO Patrick Llewellyn, Recruit Strategic Partners MD Akihiko Okamoto, 99designs CFO David Kaplan, Recruit senior VP Joe Saijo. Image: Supplied.

It’s Thursday. Here’s what you need to know in Australian tech today.

1. 99designs is really off and running. The design marketplace has added another $US10 million to its war chest after finalising a series B round led by Japanese company Recruit Holdings. Accel also chipped into the round which the company says it will use to expand into Japan and scope out other Asian markets. Full story is here.

2. The pivot. You may remember last year a new startup Pop! launched onto the market with a crazy stunt where one of the founders swallowed a computer the size of a Matchbox car. The stunt, like the startup was confusing. Today founders Chris Koch and Chad Stephens announced they have started from scratch — pivoting and simplifying the offering — and will be known as Fillr from now on. Exclusive story is here.

3. After investing million of dollars into their company the Pop! AKA Fillr founders learned a few hard lessons along the way. Including stunts aren’t really a long term strategy. They’ve detailed them here.

4. Netflix wants to abolish data caps in Australia because it thinks they stifle innovation.

5. Atlassian’s HipChat will be available on the Apple Watch when the wearable is released on April 24. It’ll work by displaying messages and you can choose from four quick responses including a thumbs up, thumbs down, OK or a question mark. And if that’s not enough you can talk to your watch “secret agent” style. More here.

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