5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Aussie tech entrepreneurs might start running to New Zealand. Photo Chris Hyde/Getty Images

Welcome back! Here’s your Monday morning tech fix.

1. SurveyMonkey has a new MD for Australia and New Zealand – and he’s a former Microsoft and LinkedIn executive. The survey platform has strengthened its expansion into the ANZ region by appointing Tony Ward as MD. Ward says he hopes to help local businesses drowning in data. Since its launch on the local market in May, the region is now the largest international investment SurveyMonkey has made outside of the US and Europe.

2. St George is banking on being the first Aussie bank on the Apple Watch. Last night the bank took out “Best Smartphone or Tablet Application in Financial Services Award” at the annual AIMIA awards. It says it’s been first to market with its smartwatch app and likely to be the first to roll out a mobile banking app for the Apple Watch. Read more on that here.

3. Malcolm Turnbull wants to change the tax rules so Google and Facebook pay GST on ads they sell locally. The proposed 10% GST fee would raise $240 million for the states. The Australian reports that Google’s online advertising revenue is reported to be on target to exceed $2 billion this year, up from $1.9bn last year. In the 2013 financial year, Google Australia paid just $7.1 million in tax – 15% of its $46.5 million in pre-tax profit.

4. Australia’s tech entrepreneurs could soon turn their sights to New Zealand. Wellington City Council has launched its Wellington Works digital campaign to encourage Australian tech entrepreneurs to relocate to the city, in a bid to help attract the workforce needed to support the booming ICT and creative sectors. Wellington is already the home of scaling companies like Vend and Xero. IT is New Zealand’s fastest-growing sector, with a huge demand and competition for developers, analysts, strategists and UX designers. There are currently over 330 Wellington IT jobs being advertised on Trade Me, with 63% of those falling into salary bands of over $100,000.

5. This new iPhone app means you won’t have to charge your phone for three days. The Mophie Juice Pack can double your iPhone’s battery life, but it will cost you. Not only does the shell-like case come with a $US100 price tag but it’s also kind of bulky. However, if your phone is always running out of battery and you’re never near an outlet, the Mophie Juice Pack is a worthwhile choice. See photos and read more about it here.

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