5 Things You Need To Know In Australian Tech Today

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It’s Monday, let’s get kicking.

1. A Netflix negotiator is reportedly in Australia meeting with local media companies to prepare a launch. More here.

2. Uber could post the same amount of revenue as Facebook this year. The 5-year-old Uber is expected to run $10 billion in revenue, generating about $2 billion in the next year or two. The company’s expected revenue numbers have been leaked to Business Insider and all the details are here.

3. Stanford’s startup classes are next level. Y Combinator’s Sam Altman has been teaching a 20-session course called “How to Start a Startup”. It’s attracted some amazing speakers including early Facebook investor Peter Thiel, Y Combinator co-founder Paul Graham, and LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman and all the lecture videos are available for free.

In a recent class, legendary investor Ron Conway explained how he picks companies to fund. His process is outlined here.

4. Terrible spelling inadvertently launched tiny startup Docker onto the world stage. The company makes it easier for apps to move around different computers on the cloud. Developing a container to move the apps around and allow them to evolve has seen companies like Dell, Google and Microsoft all ask the 31-employee startup to partner up. More here.

5. The G20 leaders have agreed Sydney should get an infrastructure hub. The Hub is designed to boost global investment and infrastructure projects. All the details are here.

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