5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

Photo: Johannes Eisele/ AFP/ Getty Images.

Welcome to another week. Here are the tech stories you should check out today:

1. A $38 supercharge will get your Tesla from Sydney to Melbourne. Tesla is building a network of charging stations that will power up your car battery in a matter of minutes, intended to help make long journeys when you won’t be able to plug it in at home overnight. The company has just announced the Australian cost for supercharging and has promised that it would always be cheaper than petrol. Read more here.

2. The federal government has made minor changes to Centrelink’s controversial data-matching process. But the much-maligned system will continue amid claims it is angering and upsetting more and more people with its inaccuracies and demands for repayments. Read more on the human services department’s adjustments here.

3. Uber is sending out cars with cameras to map Australian streets. The rideshare provider wants to capture information Google Maps doesn’t provide, like where the best places to drop off and pick up people are. Read more on where you’ll first see the mapping cars.

4. An Australian startup that allows people to do “online lay-by” purchases has a market value of $435 million after just three years. The AFR has reported on Afterpay’s fascinating journey so far and how this week’s investors’ update on its business over the Christmas period is highly anticipated.

5. Just hang on, you’ll get your water after the fridge has finished patching. Twitter and Reddit have gone off on a post that shows a person unable to quench her thirst because of an internet-enabled fridge doing a Windows update. Read more on how the incident has hit a nerve.

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