5 things you need to know in Australian tech today

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It’s Friday. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Show us your phones. Samsung just increased its Galaxy S6 Edge to a 5.7-inch display and renamed it Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. Here’s all the big, beautiful photos, and 11 things they can do that the iPhone can’t. But the 90s called and everyone’s making fun of its new keyboard case.

2. So Crowdfunding has officially gone all Lord of the Rings. A group of fans, led by UK-based Jonathan Wilson, want to build an exact replica of the famous, fictional city of Minas Tirithcity, they just need about $3 billion. The group of architects and structural engineers started an IndieGogo campaign to get the seven-year construction underway somewhere in southern England. The plan also includes both residential and commercial properties. There’s more on this crazy idea here.

3. The launch of Netflix in Australia has boosted the number of Australians who now pay for tv and Foxtel boss Richard Freudenstein says that’s a good thing. Ahead of Netflix’s Australian launch in March Foxtel made some big price cuts which it says has increased its customer numbers by 227,000 in the year to June, to 2.85 million. The size of Australia’s paid content market has grown and it doesn’t appear to have impacted Foxtel’s subscriber numbers just yet. “What you’re seeing is significant change in the dynamic in Australia,” Freudenstein told AAP. “You’re seeing good growth in SVOD at a low price point, at the same time you’re seeing good growth in the premium Foxtel service. “So you’re seeing just a lot more people paying for television.” There’s more here.

4. Samsung Pay is expected to launch in Australia next year. The company says it is “currently working with local financial institutions to customise Samsung Pay”. Samsung Pay will be rolled out in South Korea on August 20 and in the US on September 28. It looks like it has one big advantage over Apple Pay which you can read about here.

5. Israel’s startup scene is going bonkers. James Packer has been spending a bit of time there and now the Chinese are swooping in. Business Insider spent a week on the ground talking to a bunch of tech companies and VCs. What the team figured out was everyone’s dreaming of being the next unicorn. Already this year VC funding records have been broken, private equity bankers are everywhere and Asian money is flooding in. There’s an epic piece on the crazy startup scene here.

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