5 Things You Need To Know In Australian Tech Today

It’s Friday, here’s what you need to know.

1. Sony fights back. Taking a leaf out of a hacker’s manual, Sony has launched a counter-attack against people trying to downloaded leaked files stolen from its servers after a massive hack a few weeks ago. It’s reportedly executing a “distributed denial of service” attack, pointing huge amounts of internet traffic at sites offering the company’s files for download. More here.

2. Freelancer shares have been smashed on the ASX this year but company founder Matt Barrie isn’t concerned. Shares have fallen from around $1.80 a year ago to about $0.55 cents. A lot of the fall has to do with how shares were originally allocated at IPO. There’s more here.

3. Telstra boss David Thodey says telecommunication companies need to “step up and put a code together” to deal with internet piracy. Internet service providers and copyright owners have four months to create a code of conduct or face new rules imposed by the Federal Government. There’s more here.

4. In Australia, the better your internet connection gets, the more you’ll complain about it. Australians and those in the developed world are more unhappy with their internet connections compared to those in emerging nations where networks tend to be less reliable and slower. The full report is here.

5. Facebook is thinking about adding a ‘Dislike’ button. Finally there could be a way to vote down all those terrible kitten memes and over-sharing posts. More here.

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